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Sexual Climax
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Default Look inside, but don't forget...

"Manifestations of the flesh realized. These men will die for lust. Anuses damaged and ravaged by the fulfillment of dark, depraved, unbelievable fantasies. Even AIDS could not contain their starving rectums!"

Although it sounds like a crazy fantasy, modern technology such as vacuum and pump devices allow men to reform their rectal cavity into a succulent 'rosebud', a grotesque and yet strangely erotic bloom of red flesh, torn from its natural state into a warm tender enclosement ready to snatch up the sensitive lengths of a hard penis. The pain is of course, entirely unimaginable, but the men who brave to get this satisfaction will lose their lives and succumb to their sweet perversions for a quick taste of anal ecstasy. I myself was skeptical. I was never one for having a rosebud, but one man's life cut short for the sake of his orgasm drew me into an emotional frenzy and I could not miss the opportunity to experience this violent and sorrowful encroachment of reproductive behavior. It was as if my body, ejaculating into his now altered defecation tunnel, wanted to help make a difference in the potential loss of body damage from such a risky behavior, by imagining that it was a vaginal canal to reproduce and make a child, if only the functions of his compromised body could support such a system. In that sense, the homosexual sadist and deviant only has to imagine that he is in the thralls of a woman's enclosure to trigger the process of ejaculation. This is only a dream I have had. But to see a man dying in his lusts at the hands of his oppressors, on film, or photograph, on the internet, has poisoned my mind with a possessive jealousy. One where he can become all that I want him to be, fulfilling the teaching of Crowley of realizing our inner divinity and to "Do as thou wilt", the whole of the law.

"Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." -- Aleister Crowley
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